Sunday, November 27, 2011

Yesterday, today, and tomorrow

Yesterday-(actually a week ago,) we had a party for Charlie at the house. Nori-Lyn, (party planner of the year,) made sweet treats, decorations, and thought up tons of things to make the Tangled party happen.

She made the tower and the jello boats and brought Chinese lanterns and all kinds of little Rapunzel touches. It was a great party for Charlie.

The kids painted castles and pictures from a Tangled coloring book...

And ate pizza and cake from the ugliest cake ever.

That's my girl!

The braid that Nori-Lyn and I spent no lie 35 minutes braiding. Man it took forever but it's pretty cute, huh?

It's just a whole bunch of yellow yard tied to the banister upstairs but the kids thought it was the REAL Rapunzel's hair. Awesome!

I'm way behind on blogging and I hate it. I'll catch up though...hang in there if you're still reading!

Today was our last day at our church, which was weird since its where Sean and I met. We talked a lot about what we will miss and we kept saying that it's the people we've come to know and love that we will miss. That's the way it should be I guess-the people are the church really. We are excited about what's waiting for us but it's hard at the same time. And it was my idea to move!

Closing day is TOMORROW y'all. We can't believe it. I hope we survive the heart attacks we will simultaneously experience when the last paper is signed. We are so thankful and so ready!

But I still cry almost every day when I think about my friends that I won't get to see every day.

Lord help me I'm a mess!

You already knew that though.

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