Monday, November 21, 2011

Guess what

Y'all listen up

Are you listening?

You sure?

Charlie, baby (cousin) Sally, you listening?

Charlie-focus! I have something to say:

"I wuv my new house!"

Her exact words today on the way home from the new house...inspection was today so we took the kids for the first time...

And they loved it.

I still cry when I think about leaving friends here. Almost every day I tear up thinking about it. But seeing the house today, seeing them run and run and run in the backyard, I was full of excitement. They love all of the space to run and play outside. I love how excited they were as they looked around. I picked paint colors and we figured out where things will fit. I'm ready.

But I reserve the right to cry as needed. :)


Carley said...

Love those pics of Joy! She's hilarious. Cody saw them this morning and said "I want to go see Joy!" Glad the kids loved the house! That's so fun. I can't wait to see the paint colors you picked! Jennie and I already know when we are making our first trip down...yay!!

Miss Mommy said...

When do you move? Excited for you, but certainly understand the mixed emotions...

We Three Smiths + 1 said...

We were listening to the radio this morning and they said something about Frisco and Ryder said "Mom!!! They said Frisco! That's where Charlie lives!"...I said yes, but she's moving to Waxahachie! She'll be close by and y'all can play more! He's stoked!