Thursday, December 17, 2009

The kind of fun you can only have at your own kids' Christmas party

Ty with his sweet teachers. They have been great to work with. There's a bond with the first preschool teacher(s) isn't there?

His first woman-crush on someone other than my best friends: Ms. Karen

He thought it was really fun that mommy, Nattie, AND Popeye were at school. Daddy is on a trip but we sent him pictures-and the video of the kids singing Happy Birthday to Jesus. Funny doesn't really do it justice.

And look! He wished baby Jesus a Happy Birthday in traditional garb. I don't know HOW they got the kids to do this but I love it.

Charlie had a big time drinking juice from a cup-the highlights for her were that and eating cookies. Isn't her shirt cute? I can't take credit! It's another hand-me-down.

Had Nattie and Popeye not been there I surely wouldn't have gotten any pictures and I surely wouldn't have had as much fun. Just being honest.

I don't have a clever ending.


Emmy said...

I wish I could have come!!! I love Ty in the Joseph outfit. The look in his eyes is just a little bit crazy. I also love that Charlie didn't pass up the cookies.

Emmy said...

By the way - that last picture of Charlie, sitting in your lap... that could be Susan Boyle sitting in your lap.

Mary said...

That IS Susan Boyle. I hadn't realized. Oh man. Only her aunt could say that really. Or me.

Julie said...

I was thinking Charlie looked more like Shirley Temple.

But Susan Boyle has a gorgeous voice...and now she's RICH!

We Three Smiths + 1 said...

Looks like your Party went better than Ryder's...He thought it was time to go "Bye Bye" the second I walked in the room and was fixated on that for the rest of the party. He didn't want to eat the yummy snacks, he didn't want to do the gift exchange, he didn't want to play any games...he just wanted to go "Bye-Bye" and stood at the door whining the entire time. It was embarrassing(am I supposed to say that?) was sad. LOL!

Glad Y'all had Fun!!!

Brooke & Freeland said...

his teacher looks just like someone I know from church growing up. (karen sparks!) crazzzy! Cute pictures!

Brooke & Freeland said...

ummmm I just realized my friend - Karen Sparks - Now Karen Small (i believe) is a preschool teacher! So Im wondering if that was Ty's teacher now! Small world if so! We went to church together while I was in Plano.