Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Good Lord I'm behind

I have lots of good excuses but they don't matter. I'm so behind on filling you in on big stuff that has been going on.

First, Louraine's surgery was today. I forgot to mention it here with getting things ready for the kids to go to Nattie and Popeye's, (so that Sean and I could both go to the hospital,) and I feel terrible that I didn't remember to ask you to pray for her. The great news is that the surgery was successful in all ways and the Dr said that after taking two lymph nodes surrounding the mass and those showed no signs of cancer she feels like the prognosis is really good. Apparently the kind of cancer it is, (if I wasn't so dang tired I might remember the name,) is synonymous with quick spreading and bad outcomes but in her case she appears to be spared from the worst case scenario stuff. She will go through chemo and radiation but her prognosis is good based on what happened today. Praise the Lord. When Sean's dad told us what the Dr told him right after the surgery was completed we were so relieved. Sean left the room for a second and when he came back he said he was just so overwhelmed with relief that he needed a minute to say his own "thank you" to the Lord. I thought that was really sweet. I'm not gonna lie I was worried that he didn't hear his dad correctly and had misinterpreted the news as bad when I couldn't find him. Ha!

I've painted the girls room and I love it. Charlie likes it but wants it red instead. (It's turquoise, if you couldn't tell from the picture.) I'll post pictures from my phone here in a little while. My camera is kind of lost right now so for the foreseeable future I'll be using my phone for all pictures. I know where my camera is so don't worry. At least I'm almost positive I know where it is.

We found out good news about Sean's health yesterday. His was not as scary as his moms but any health issue with your spouse or your parents or your children, or your friends or just complete strangers, really, brings anxiety and need for prayer. This situation did cause some anxiety and we got the "all clear" for that yesterday too.

Which basically all adds up to show you how tired I am tonight. For no real physical reason other than the Africa heat we're experiencing here. I'm just so relieved. I think a good 12-13 hour night of sleep is in order. Oh wait. I forgot to tell you that both girls are sick. Only colds we think but there's a bad cough involved so I made an appt to take them both in tomorrow just in case. We've been giving Charlie breathing treatments every few hours and that is helping her. We're so proud of her for sitting by herself and taking her treatments. She'll say, "Charlie so big girl she take medicine and get candy!" It's her longest, most meaningful sentence.

Well, that and, "If you're happy and you know it do all fwee, clah clah stop stop herray!"

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Michelle said...

Will we be seeing you at Dr. Rembecki's office tomorrow??? We have a lovely appointment at 10 due to the lovely cough that has invaded. I guess he was due...every two weeks!!! Glad to hear things are looking up with the other health issues!!!