Sunday, August 22, 2010

The weekend

We cleaned the house. We moved furniture around. We like the way things look more than we have in like two years. Why didn't we decide to move before now so we could make it feel like a house somebody would want to live in? Hmmmm

We went to Costco and let Joy join the basket party. LOVED it except for the part where you can't fit any single item into the cart.

We celebrated our 5 year anniversary and Sean gave me this along with a few other little things. I could do some serious bargain-shopping damage if this was REALLY a gift card THAT loaded.

My boys went to the new stadium for a tour. They've both been really wound up ever since. Football season is right around the corner and they are ready.

See how excited Ty is. That's his, "Why do I have to stop running laps around the place long enough to get a picture Dad? This is boring," face.

He got in free by the way so when I saw this picture and asked Sean if he really had fun or Sean was just telling me he did at least I didn't think we wasted lots of money.

Because that's how sentimental I am.

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Carley said...

So fun that Sean and Ty went to the stadium together! I bet they had a great time. Cute gift card! And I love all 3 of them crowded in the cart at Costco. Cody is wide awake and ready to go and it's 4:30 am so I'm letting him play (he was asleep when we got home and went straight to bed without waking up so he never really knew we were home and was excited when he woke up and I brought him downstairs). I am hoping he will go back to sleep in a bit and sleep for a long time. I can't be annoyed though because we pushed him hard yesterday and at least he's in a good mood. I finally caught up on posts from the week and I loved them all. I love it when you type your blogs with your exact thoughts. I am still in denial that you guys are moving but excited for you and will make the drive to see you! Ok, I'll call you sometime today and come get my mail and see your staged house!