Monday, August 16, 2010

We're from the country and we like it that way

Things are hopping around my house because we're putting it on the market soon. I know, I know, that kind of came out of nowhere. It came to the surface out of nowhere but it's been part of our (mine and Sean's) conversations since we were dating. Things like, "One barefoot outside...rocking chairs...drinking tea...not too busy..." have always laced our conversations about our future. We both grew up in smaller towns and love everything that offers for raising kids. We're spoiled where we live because we have anything we'd want at our fingertips but it's worth giving it all up for our end goal.

Some people are city people. Emmy and Ethan are. They love living right in the middle of the action. Lots of great things are available to you in the city and there's an endless supply of fun things to do and see. Then some people are country people. They get a tad annoyed with traffic and having to put matching clothes on to go to the grocery store. That's us=country. We want to grow stuff and run around barefoot. We want to be bored. Well maybe not bored but we look forward to not having much to do but watching the kids and playing with them. It'll be quite an exciting life :)

Brace yourself for all the excitement.

So here we are-trying to make it happen. Since I'm not a real estate person I'm going on what I hear on TV and assuming that it will take (maybe) years to sell our house. We know the odds are against us and this might not be a good time to move but our realtor thinks it's possible so we're going for it. Aiming to move to a slower-paced place where the kids can run and play and run into people that can help keep tabs on them for me. Ha! No, really, that would be nice.

It's really exciting. We're not very afraid of the process because we kinda just did it three years ago AND we moved while I was 8 months pregnant and worthless as far as helping Sean make any decisions whatsoever. Not to mention how worthless I was to physically help. We have great motivation for this move and the energy to match the enthusiasm. We are relieved and at peace about our decision and hope to survive another move, this time with our three little helpers. Pray now for showings--not that we'll get them but that I'll manage to get things looking nice enough so people won't be scared away! I haven't cleaned out as many closets or cabinets as this in five years. Basically about as long as I've been married.



Anonymous said...

So uh, I'm all for country, as long as country isn't too far for playdates! ;-) Sounds super exciting!

Mary said...

No Heather it's not too far at all :):)

Lindsey said...

I am all country- all of those things you described equal the perfect life to me! I hope everything goes well!
ahhhhhh rocking chairs on the porch.... heaven!

Carley said...

You better be careful or we'll follow you! Those have been/are our be. in. the. country. Being in Colorado this week has us dreaming. ha! I love how you guys get an idea and run with it! Yay! Happy for you! We'll pray for the house to sell. We'll also come stay at the Wilborn B&B in the country! Now you just have to work on the 2nd part of the plan...hee hee!

Lindsey said...

I love it! Good for y'all. I bet we'll head out to the country too sooner or later. Where are y'all wanting to move??

We Three Smiths + 1 said...

I am so happy for you all! It took me a month or so to adjust to my friends not being three doors down and Target not being walking distance from my house...but I, like you, grew up in the country and it is slowly all coming back to me. Matt is in love and so am I. Ryder can go out back and has so much room to really is amazing. Good luck and keep us posted!!!