Saturday, August 7, 2010

Ty's room makeover

While painting the girls' room I decided that it might be fun to paint Ty's too. When I was waiting on the paint to be mixed at Home Depot I checked the "Oops" paint table and lo and behold there was the color I was thinking for Ty's room. Like exactly the right color. $5 later and after a few recovery days (I needed a break after the girls' room) I went to work. His room is smaller than theirs so I started and finished today. Here are before and afters


And after

My dad made this for Ty before he was born. He and mom found the unfinished airplane and dad painted it. We decided he has to like airplanes at least until he is old enough to buy and hang his own decorations.

Another painting success! I'm so retiring now. My right arm hurts.


Lindsey said...

Both of the rooms look great! How in the world are you able to paint with 3 small kids in the house though???? No, really....I want to know. I need to paint Cade's room but I can't figure out how to do it and keep the boys out of it all. You're Supermom!

Emmy said...

Everything looks really good with the new paint. I figured out how to do the word verification.