Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Around me

Well...and not around me. Missing Joy now. She fell yesterday and it was a doozy. The kind of fall that anyone involved knew required a trip to the ER. She's okay, banged up and probably a little more careful now. Busted lip and a big mark on her head. To say it was hard to be here when she was there is an understatement. I'd have driven home last night if I was by myself. Factoring in Ty and Charlie, though, changes things just a little bit. Driving twelve hours by yourself is one battle. Add two little people into the mix and it's another battle altogether.

Apparently she's really into dinosaurs now. Like, since I last saw her. This was a pre-fall picture.

Around me:

Cousins bonding over gaming systems

Her favorite shades, a gift from her idol/cousin Caroline.

Celebrating the Mavs during down-time in the room. While Charlie sleeps, (or in her case, lays in her bed and sings 'Home on the Range,') Ty plays in the room. It gives us some time to cool off and even I need some time away from the blazing sun when we're here. We've gone through four cans of sunscreen and I'm already in the early stages of peeling. Lord help me.

And this sums her up on so many levels. There's just not much more I could add to describe my daughter. Pink somewhere on her body-check. Braided "like a princess" hair-check. sunglasses-"shades"-check. Purse carrying her various finds of the day-check. Purse-carrying-arm cocked just so-check. Swagger-check. Today when I sent this picture to Sean he replied,

"She is you all over again."

Not sure if he meant that as a compliment or not.

Night night y'all.


Sarah Sharp said...

That had to be heart wrenching to be away from Joy while she was being treated in the ER. Glad she is ok.

Charlotte singing "home on the range" reminds me of Will. He was belting out that and "she'll be coming round the mountain" while riding in a car buggy at Kroger today. He got a lot of looks and chuckles.

I haven't commented lately but read regularly. Just have to say you are SO right about the Lime Ricki swimsuits. Got one and LOVE it! Love how it covers! Also tried the New York dog from Sonic and thought it was so-so.

If you stop in Jackson on your way back, I'd love to meet you somewhere! (sarahgsharp@yahoo.com)

Mary said...

Hi sweet Sarah! We actually didn't go through Jackson this trip, though I have before. My brother used to live there I don't know if I've told you that. Glad you love your Lime Ricki suit too! They are so cute :)