Monday, June 6, 2011

Waiting for Summer

Y'all Ty has school until Thursday. He loves school and we love it too but like everybody else we are excited about the laziness of summer approaching.

Well maybe not lazy but slower, less rigid days. We leave for the annual girls, (and kids) trip on Friday and thanks to my pill y'all are just now hearing about it.

Normally there would be evident anxiety about the trek there, where kids will sleep, etc. But this year I'm just excited. Woohoo

This is Sarah with the kids on Sunday. After almost three years of babysitting the kids she finally gets hugs. In fact the girls plow over people to get to her every Sunday.

Little miss modeling the dress I got for her from my favorite resale store. (Cutie Patootie in Frisco)

Our family during Easter festivities. Mom just sent this today and I love it for this reason: this is how it really is in my family right now. Ty looking like, "Another picture? Really?" Joy trying to break free from civilization, and Charlie being passive aggressive. She was just told to put the egg down and rather than obey she just waited for me to turn around before cracking it on my head. Nice.

We go to In-n-Out a lot. Yum

Ty with his two best friends: Barney and the other Barney.

Riveting, I know. It's a busy glamorous life I lead.


Sarah's Slate said...

I love this picture of us!!! I look forward to seeing the girls run at me every Sunday morning now. :) We need more fun pictures before I move!! :)

Emmy said...

Yeah, I love these pictures. The kids are growing so fast.

We Three Smiths + 1 said...

Tell Ty its o.k. Ryder has a Pluto and then the other Pluto...or Little Pluto and Fake Pluto. Little Pluto was his first love. He went to my Mom's without him one weekend and she went to Wal-Mart and bought him an identical copy. He knew the difference...hence "Fake Pluto". Lol! Love your kiddos! They are precious!