Friday, June 24, 2011

Flashback Friday: Friends and Movies Edition

Friends: Yesterday Carley and Jennie drove down with their kids to visit us. I know that it's a long drive, (I've made it approximately 6,000,000 times,) and it was a treat to have them make such an effort to come see my old stomping grounds. I've told them I'll make the drive once we move and after yesterday I bet they're like, "Yeah you bet you will!" Ha

Back in the old days at Double Dip in Frisco. We made them hug. That's Charlie and David.

Playing at Carley's house last Spring. Joy and Cody.

And now movies: Cars 2 opens today and I'd love to take the kids to see it. However the last two movie attempts didn't go well. Remember? We tried Toy Story 3 with Ty. He lasted 22 minutes.

Pre-movie happiness.

We tool Charlie to see Tangled.
She lasted 32 minutes.

She loved the popcorn though.

So I'm not gonna fight the crowds today. Might wait a while to try Cars 2. Do you blame me?

One more picture for fun: I call this one True Grit.

Giddy up cowgirl.

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Carley said...

Fun! The drive was easy and I it was fun for Jennie and I to pile all the kids in one car and come! Took less than an hour to get home. We had so much fun! That pic of Joy and Cody was at Cody's 1st birthday party...I love it! We are going to take Cody to see cars 2 when it's in the dollar theatre...maybe we can all try it then. The crowds are better and if they don't last it's only $1. ha!!