Saturday, June 25, 2011

DIY project

Headbands I found in Florida: pricey, but very fun and adventurous.

I've worn them already and they are handy for right now to help keep crazy summer hair in control but I know I'll wear them year-round. When I bought them I knew Mom could probably make them pretty easily. She agreed and cut some fabric for me and then practiced making a rose like the ones they attached. But then she had to go to a sewing convection so I took matters into my own hands.

My first attempt at the rose wasn't good. But I don't like measuring or pinning so I just went for it. Seam rippers are my friend.

See? The rose on mine (the one on the right) is all wonky but the headband part is good. The leaves are really cute but I wasn't patient enough to cut those out of a different fabric just yet. My plan is to rip the blue rose apart and make a new and improved rose. But anyway here is the second attempt at a new headband.

Much better. These bright colors match one of my swimsuits and since I made this from scrap material you'd better believe I'm gonna wear it to the pool. Or not, you just never know. I live life on the edge.

So fun, right? And so easy.

It's after ten which means that I am no longer making sense. Night y'all.


The Vineyards said...

Mary- I LOVE my new hand band and I am going to need you to make me one please. :) They are looking great!!!!!!

Michelle said...

I love this and must know how to make them. Can you post step by step instructions????