Wednesday, June 22, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday

Working at my dad's office edition. Since we are staying at my parents house this week, mom and I trade off working at my dad's office and taking care of the kids. I used to work for Dad during summers in high school and then hit or miss during breaks from jobs or school semesters. It's not easy for me to hand the kids off to Mom for a few hours and have high speed Internet by myself but I sacrifice for her. I mean it's a tough choice-air conditioned office with drinks and snacks and Internet vs. playing outside in 100+ degree heat with my little darlings. Somebody has to man the phones at the office so I willingly oblige when I'm here. I mean, Mom needs qualify time with my kids.

So here I am today, working for a few hours before swim lessons.

I look happy, huh. Air conditioning is my friend. I have to take a second to tell y'all some important information regarding my hair. The water in Waxahachie is apparently completely different from where I am now. There are pros and cons to this. My hair does different things here and I'm mostly excited about that. But today, my hair is flat. Like for no reason. Usually as the temp goes up so does my hair. It's like opposite day today.

Moving on.

Gotta wear a sweater here for two reasons: sundresses with tie straps doesn't exactly scream PROFESSIONAL and it's an air conditioned office.

Sweater: Target five years ago that I gave mom two years ago. I found it in her closet on my way out the door this morning. Score.

Dress: Target clearance
Shoes: Old Navy

That's it, y'all. Be amazed.

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