Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Just another day in paradise

If you live anywhere near me it's safe to assume you've been loving this weather. Today was beautiful and yesterday was too. We've been to the park three times in the last two days. I'm so happy when we can play outside. Like any kids around their ages, my kids are too.

Joy and Charlie went to school today for the second time and they both had a good time. I was a little worried this morning because Joy told me she wanted to "stay him wit yew Mommy" instead of go to school. I knew once she got there she'd have fun and I was relieved that when we got to the door to her room she walked right in. It makes the time away so much more fun when you know they are happy, doesn't it? Charlie loves it of course. Y'all know her-friends and toys with a hint of a snack and she's a happy camper. This morning she ran clear across the room to hug the director of her school and I apologized to the lady, (Charlie like body-slammed her,) and she said, "I love Charlie and she makes me feel like a rock star when she beelines for me every time she sees me." Um, y'all, it's a week into school and apparently she has done this many times already. Lord help me.

I ran a ton of errands during my free time today, (amazing how many places you can go in a few hours!) and I was so refreshed when I picked the girls up. I said, "Thank You, Lord," a hundred times on our way home. Mainly because when I picked Joy up her teacher said she talked more today and danced during their little music time. Those two things mean one thing: She's comfortable. Oh, and she ran back to hug her teacher when we walked away. HUGE.

Okay it's getting late and I've got two loads of laundry left to do. It's a glamorous life. And I'm loving it.


Sarah's Slate said...

Oh I love it when they beeline towards me too!!! Its like I'm a famous celebrity or something lol. :) can't wait to see y'all this Sunday at church!!

Emmy said...

I am soooo glad that Joy likes school. Poor thing... I liked to "stay hom wit Mommy" too. I know how she feels.