Thursday, September 15, 2011


Because it's Thursday...and because I had food poisoning on Tuesday and I'm now fully recovered, (thank you, Lord,) plus because I'm so tired from disciplining my newly minted 5 year-old, here are the pics-with minimal words.

Top: Ross
Skirt: Anthropologie
Shoes: Shopruche

Shirt: Johnny Was (hand me down from MIL-thank you Louraine!)
Jeans: Big Star (from Nordstrom 2 years ago)
Boots: Corral (from Sheplers)

Love this shirt. So pretty.

Shirt: Anthro
Shorts: Academy
Shoes: Clarks (from Ross) a long time ago

I took Charlie to Sam Moon for the first time this week.

She's found her new happy place.

"Mommy look at all the pink stuff! I'm so happy!"

Good night y'all. Yes I'm going to bed. Right now.

It's 7:03 pm.

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