Thursday, September 1, 2011

First Day

This morning I went into the girls' room and said, "Today we all go to school!" I don't know who was more excited-Charlie, Joy, or me. Ha. It was so adorable watching Charlie teach Joy how to go to school. "First, we take a bath Joy and then we dry off and put on our clothes. With socks Joy because we wear real shoes to school," (opposed to crocs which is what they wear every other day.) "And then we brush our teeth because our teachers like us to have fresh breath, and then mom packs our lunch and we don't go crazy in the kitchen Joy because mom said so and then we get to get in the car but wait for mom Joy...when I tell you..." Ya'll, it's like she's the family narrator. She never stops talking. I love her with all my heart you know that. But she never stops talking. Anyway. When we drove up to the school I had to tell them to calm down they were so keyed up. We unloaded the mounds of stuff and somehow made it out of the car without using a stroller which is kind of amazing. And then they stopped so I could take their picture.

I'm dang near tears just looking at it right now. Off they went. Looking all bright and shiny. I wasn't sad at all this morning thankfully.

And I got to hang out with this little man.

"Yo Mom, whazzup."

He loved having so much attention and I haven't told y'all yet that Sean is home this week so it's been unlimited fun for Ty. Mom AND Dad at home, the girls at school two of the days? Oh man it's like his whole world opened up.

The million dollar question? What did I do with all of my free time? Considering that Ty only goes to school from 12-3 and the girls get out of preschool at 2 it narrows down the outlandish options a bit but strolling through any store for any item seems like the easiest task ever when I'm by myself. Not that i don't get out much-I do get out a ton when Sean is home. It's the secret to me not losing it with him traveling so often. Today was different though. From 12-2, I knew that all of the kids were at school, hopefully happy and learning and growing so they had that much more to tell me about when I did get to see them. So what did I do with all of the free time?

I dyed clothes of the girls because I was bored.

Yep, the secret is out. I get bored without my children hanging on my leg.

I confess I did get to the parking lot at fifteen til 2 but I managed to stay in my car until 10 til. Then I went in. Now remember this was Charlie's second day at this school. Plus she went all year last year, (and loved it more than life itself,) but this was Joy's very first day. She still cries sometimes at church especially if her favorite gals aren't both in sight immediately when she walks into her room. Shout out Amanda and Danielle!! Joy loves you :) So anyway I was thinking of her pretty often during the day hoping she was doing okay. And look

She was just fine. Only almost cried once her teacher said. My response: "Good Lord she cries way more than that at home with me in a five hour stretch!" She made it and said she liked it and it was fun. Charlie ran out of her room saying she had the best day ever, (her normal response when I say, "how was school?") So today was a success.

Other than nearly falling asleep approximately 47 times between getting home and bedtime, Joy acted normal. Not any more insecure or clingy. She played with her Transformer mean guy toy from McDonalds just like any other day.

To make you feel better she actually also plays with baby dolls.

See ya'll tomorrow for Flashback Friday!


Emmy said...

I am so proud of Joy! Of course, I am happy that Charlie loved her new school, too. But this was Joy's first try! Yay Baby Joy!

We Three Smiths + 1 said...

They look precious! Love it!