Tuesday, August 30, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday

This week has been full of beginnings. Ty has had his first week on a new school bus to and from school. In his world a new bus is like a trip to Disneyworld every single day. The bus is super cool to a four year-old! (It's his second week of school.) The girls start school this week too--Charlie went today and Joy starts Thursday. When I picked Charlie up she said she loved her new friends but she didn't know any of their names. Hmmm.

The first outfit was just to show you the thrift store boots again. Actually this whole outfit cost $21.

Dress: Target clearance
Belt: antique shop in my hometown
Boots: thrift store in Edwards, CO

This shirt got three outfits' worth of wear this week. I wore it Sunday tucked into khaki linen pants, (which looked best I think,) and then yesterday.

Shirt: Anthropologie sale
Shorts: Fossil

This was what I wore to the dermatologists office and I ended up leaving it on the whole day because it was like wearing pajamas.

Skirt: ASOS
Shoes: Ross about 5 years ago

I love to read Kristina's blog and totally copied her outfit here. She has a fun and heartfelt blog about her life and wearing girly clothes.

Since I wrote the check to secure my girls their spots in preschool for the year we've had three showing appointments made, (one today, two tomorrow.) I
told Sean now that I'm settled into the idea that we'll live here through this year and paid for everything/made plans we'll probably get a bite on the house and need to move out in two weeks. It's just the way it works around here sometimes. :) Thankful to be here right now...and thankful that I honestly feel that way.

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