Thursday, August 25, 2011

Don't Mess with Texas

We are home. Dang it's hot here. About halfway through the flight Charlie asked me of we were in Texas. I told her no but we are getting close. She said, "Oh I'm glad mommy. I sure like Texas the best."

Amen sister. But that weather in Colorado could certainly convince me to move there. Until winter rolls around and I get so cold I change my mind.


Here are a few more pictures.

The girls on the trip home this morning

Joy was suffering from altitude sickness (ahem...the gross kind,) on the trip from the airport to the house in CO so today we gave her 1/2 of a Dramamine. Thankfully I checked with the pharmacist before we left to be sure she could have it! I thought I'd need it for Ty but he did great. So anyway Joy was tired on the flight home. She never slept though.

Y'all, I love a bargain. When Sean's mom told me there was a thrift store down the street from them I begged her to take me so she did. Then I went again on my own the next day because I regretted not buying one of the finds from day 1. These are the best deal I found:

Tony Lama black boots in my size, barely worn. 15 American dollars=score. I also found a tricycle for $8 and four Oilily shirts for Charlie for $2 each. It's things like this that make me believe it's worth it to hold out for a bargain. It's also things like this that cause my bag to weigh 58 pounds at weigh-in today, which apparently means that you either chunk stuff to make it lighter or hand over $100. Bet you can guess which one we chose.

So now I am still the happy owner of my new finds BUT we now need to replenish our supply of contact solution, shampoo, deodorant, lotion, and sunscreen.

It's the important things in life.

See y'all tomorrow for Flashback Friday!


Mommarazzi said...

Love those boots!!!! But how in the world did you get a tricycle home??

We Three Smiths + 1 said...

So cute! I love me some Thrift store! So glad y'all had fun and yes Charlie...Texas is best!

PS..I have to tell you that we had Nick Jr. on the other day and Frisco the Fire Dog was on. Ryder said..."Look Mom its Frisco! That's where Charlie lives!". So stinkin' cute those two!