Sunday, August 28, 2011

Out of order but so what

Instead of telling y'all more about the trip I thought I'd pause to show you what I've been working on since we got back. A recent change of events made it possible to sign Joy up for preschool. Yipeeeeeeeeee! She will love it and has already said, "I go school too with sista!" I'd gotten Charlie ready equipment-wise but as of Friday I started figuring out what Joy would need. Because Friday was the day I signed Joy up. Lord knows if I can't fly by the seat of my pants I don't know who can.

Mom made Ty's nap mat, which is now Charlie's. Ty only used it for a few months before starting his current school where he doesn't nap. Charlie used it all last year and mom put her name on it for her. It's made of fun numbers fabric from Ikea. Right after finding that fabric we found similar fabric with hearts on it and mom agreed that one of the girls would use it someday. Well my friends, that day is today.

I used the roll of fabric, (I think it was $8.99) plus some soft fabric that mom found at her thrift store. Bonus: somebody had already cut it into squares. So today while Ty played with his leggos, (an early bday gift,) I went to town.

See the pins? There were around 51 million of them to hold my blanket together. I worked on the blanket first because I'm actually begging myself to learn to quilt. I don't know why really I just notice quilts now and want to make one. So this was my first very uneducated attempt. I sewed all of the squares together then sewed the finished side to a piece of the heart fabric. Then I made the nap mat. I copied what Mom did with Charlie's, minus the actual seamstress work. I sewed the sides together, flipped it inside out, then stuffed it with quilt batting. Then I sewed the ends together again real wonky-like. It's a masterpiece. See.

Not sure if you can see it but I use white thread for everything I sew. Ask my Mom. It drives her crazy.

I know one little girl who won't care if it's all wonky. This girl

Man does she love watermelon.


During my sewing fiasco and after the girls woke up we played baseball.

That's home plate.

Ty never stands still anymore. It's like the boy in him just went all-boy on me. He wants to play baseball, basketball, or tackle football all day. Emmy took him to a Rough Riders game last week (they're the Rangers minor league team,) and ever since he can't get enough baseball. The little league world series couldn't have come at a better time!

Okay I'm tired from all the sewing. Sean looked at me all covered it scraps and thread a minute ago and said, "Little did I know I married that chick from Little House on the Prairie."



Emmy said...

I am SOOOOOOOOOO proud of you for designing and sewing the nap mat. It looks great in the picture, and who cares what it looks like up close. Joy will love it. It is such a "relief" that you have been the sister who carried on the sewing gene.

Sarah's Slate said...

Oh I absolutely love it!!!!! You wanna make me a nap mat, too? I know I'm in college now but I never went to preschool and never napped in kindergarten....and I want to not be grown up anymore...being little was so much that was a long sentence...I love you guys! Miss you to pieces! :)

Anonymous said...

Great Job! I too am obsessed with quilts... but I think I definitely lack the persistence and attention span to ever actually sew one! That heart material is on Tatum's bed right now... so bright and cheery!

We Three Smiths + 1 said...

I love it!!! It looks so good!