Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Late edition

And one outfit edition.

Be excited. Be very excited.

Shirt/tunic: Forever 21. Very lightweight, not as hot as it looks

Shorts: gift from my MIL

Shoes: Ruche

Got a lot going on around here...taking a family trip soon and my self-counseling skills are being put to use. Airplanes and I have a long long history. Prayers appreciated.


Emmy said...

Bless your heart. On airplanes, remember that only God decides whose day is here. So you can board that plane with your family knowing that you are following the plan for today. Who knows what that will bring, but you must trust that HE is bringing the plan for That Day.

Carley said...

Sweet words, Emmy! Try and focus on making it a fun experience for your kids. Talk to them about "this is what daddy does when he's gone" and "wow, we get to go on an airplane". My advice is to not let them see your fear! Cody had a blast when we flew...make it an adventure! I know how scary it is for you but maybe focusing on the kids will hellp. Oh and ride the train at the airport...that's always fun!