Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Up to speed

It was a fun weekend. I'll let the pictures do the talking.

She wanted to go home with the pony. She was the only one brave enough to ride the pony, by the way. I mean of my kids.

Yesterday I cleaned out my makeup drawer.

Exciting, I know. But for me cleaning out anything is monumental.

Today I kept a friend's kids while she took one of hers to the doctor.

An 8 week-old baby...me...you never know what will happen. I'm happy to keep a baby now, what with all the sleep under my belt and my ability to give them back to their momma at the end if the day...but still...I'm not always a good baby person, y'all know that.

Here I am, frazzled. Do I still have the touch?

Yep yep I sure do. Keep in mind I had a bottle to give him so I wasn't totally on my own. Her other two kids who stayed at our house entertained my kids so really it was a breeze. Who knew six kids five and under could be doable when I'm in charge. I'm as surprised as you are.

This afternoon Emmy took Charlie out for a little date.

Could she BE any happier? No.

And Emmy bought her a pink heart-shaped necklace. She is complete.

Tonight we went to the rec center since the days of pool fun are dwindling. I'm sad but the ending of pool days means school is starting and Fall is coming. In other words, relief is in sight!

See y'all tomorrow for WIWW!


Carley said...

Love the pics of the party in waxa! Thanks for the comment on my blog. I married a world traveler. :) I still can't believe we are about to take Cody camping and on a 23 hour drive! As Jason says we don't know till we try it. We are still up for going to the rec tomorrow if you want to. I'm dying to finally try and get pics of Cody on the slide. PS...you look like a natural holding a baby! and happy and rested! ha!

Emmy said...

Yes, Charlie loved the beautiful $2.80 Forever 21 necklace. I hope her neck is not rubbed green or black from the cheap metal. It really did cost $2.80. It was a fun time.

Laura said...

oh my gosh, mary! you look EXACTLY like your mother in that pic of you holding the baby. and i definitely mean that as a compliment! i love seeing pictures of your precious babies and i'm praying for your house to sell.

Laura said...

Ok, that was La-Le in the comment that said English III. Apparently I signed in under my class blog from 3 years ago! I'm so sad with social networking. Or whatever you call commenting on people's blogs.