Thursday, August 11, 2011

Meet Buck

Buck is our newest pet. We all love him and visit him often.

He's a good pet.

We don't have to worry about him biting the kids. Or us.

Charlie asked if he could sleep with her in her bed.

Um yeah.

Thank you, Cabelas. You are as good as Disneyworld to us.


Emmy said...

This is REALLY funny. I can see you are desperate to do fun things INDOORS. Cute little "Buck" might be a great lawn accessory in December... with extra lights and antlers...

Carley said...

That's funny that the all 3 like Buck! We, too, vernture to Bass Pro and Cabellas for outings. Lots to look at...Cody likes the Moose! We have him well trained to spot our favorite national park animal. I think you should buy buck for your new home in the country! :)