Tuesday, September 20, 2011


We went to see Sean's parents for Ty's birthday celebration. Joy rode this horse approximately 700 times.

They gave him these. Wedgets I think is the name of them. So fun. The building possibilities are endless-you can turn them on their side and they all fit together.

We have dressed up as princesses

Even momma:

This is where I find my princess accessories: Little Miss Momma's Etsy store

Hello little guys

Ty went to his first bowling birthday party and he loved it. I had no idea how he'd do since he's never been to Main Event, (I know, I know, he's five...but anyway,) he had the best time.

The birthday boy Gabriel. Gabe is Ty's best little friend from school and this year Gabe is in Kindergarten so Ty is depressed. He comes running off the bus some days yelling, "I saw him today Mom I saw Gabriel!"

Here he is bowling during the party.

Y'all see the number of pictures on my phone? That's why I couldn't video him playing-no more space on my phone. I have an addiction to phone pictures.

We made our presence known at Costco

And some days we just created adventurous places like "the princess castle box," an empty pull-ups box. Praise the Lord it's cool enough to be outside again!

So that's a little of what we've been doing. How 'bout you?

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Carley said...

Cute post! Cody likes looking at your blog and naming your kids. He said "look mom, joy's a princess!" and "look mom, charlie's a princess too"