Monday, September 19, 2011

We are

A family

And we are

Full of funny inside jokes that we don't remember the origin of

Often full of junk food we aren't supposed to eat

Enjoying school. All of us.

Longing to live on a farm that boasts high speed Internet capabilities

Trying to survive a really long season of waiting

Laughing often

Starting to have dance parties after bath time thanks to my anniversary present from Sean (ihome player)

Toying with the idea of potty training our youngest troop

But stocking up on princess pull-ups

Dreaming of winter

Putting final touches on Halloween costumes. We start early

Mostly coloring outside the lines

Proud that our 5 year-old baseball player is actually coloring INSIDE the lines

Watching our 3 year-old master the art of wrapping her daddy around her finger

And remembering how far our 2 year-old has come thanks to the prayers of many, our God, and a few very smart doctors.

We are grateful to be here.

Even though we'd move tomorrow.

I guess we're a totally normal family.




(little family craft by Charlie)


Michelle said...

Love this post!

Priscilla said...

Hi Mary, have been thinking of you, so thought I'd just go look at the Grasshopper Momma blog. Plus this morning I read Isaiah 40 and there it is: the grasshopper verse, plus lots of other great verses. I love what you wrote about your family. Cuz I love your family!! When are you coming to visit??