Sunday, April 19, 2009

Being Still

I'm being as still as possible while trying to maintain a household. Oh who am I kidding. Last night when Sean got home he cleaned up the house while I sat on the couch and caught up on the weekend's events that we hadn't covered over the phone. I love my husband. He likes a clean house but happily does it himself if I don't have it in me. Which is all the time.

Part of me wants to run around the block to speed up the labor process and part of me wants to be a slug. Obviously the latter part is winning, not surprising anyone in close proximity. On a good note, thanks to my laziness lately, a few fun things have happened for the kids.

Ty ate/finished his first popsicle. I've tried to get him to eat them for a long time but I finally got him good and bored enough in the backyard to try one and he is now set for life. I go through Sugar Free popsicles like crazy when I'm first pregnant and I hate the orange ones that come in my favorite variety pack so we have about 65 in our freezer. Good thing he likes the orange flavor!

After a babysitting issue on Friday morning my mom came up to sit in the car with the kids during my Dr. appointment. Anytime you combine the car, Nattie, and Sonic fries there's much fun to be had.

Aunt Emmy came up to spend the night Friday with us and was a great cruise director. Ty enjoyed holding her captive for a little while Saturday morning before his sister got up to compete for her attention.

Sarah came to play yesterday afternoon, (the same Sarah that helped pull the wool over my eyes for my Birthday surprise,) and apparently her energy level was so high that when I got home they both just kind of looked over their shoulders at me like, "Hey, good to see you...HAVE YOU MET SARAH? SHE IS SUPER FUN!"

Daddy is taking them to the park today--their first outside outing since Tuesday. Mommy just doesn't have it in her to take them both to the park anymore, (and it rained here most of the weekend and I sure don't have it in me to take them places in the rain anymore.) Plus Daddy packs really good snacks for them at the park so I'm sure they won't miss me at all.

I have a sonogram in the morning and I'm curious to see if there are any changes...last week Patsy told me she didn't think the tumor was as big as her lung anymore, (but it was the first time she's seen me since the 20 week one AND it's a totally different kind of machine than the specialist uses,) so when I go to Dr. Brown-Elliot tomorrow there's a chance things will be looking much better. At the very least we will get measurements and maybe an earlier delivery date if she's already measuring 10 pounds. If she is that big already maybe I can talk my doctor into taking her before his trip??? Yeah I doubt it too.

On a totally different but funny note, I got a jury summons yesterday and my date that I'm supposed to report is May 12th, which means Joy will be 6 days old and I'll still be taking an average of 2 pain pills every 6 hours. Would I be a great candidate or what?! Thankfully there is a legitimate exemption for me so don't worry if you're headed to court that day in Denton county...I won't be making any decisions unless you count, "Do I change her before or after I feed this time?"


Carley said...

Had a great lunch with you and Jennie today. Great girl time! Let me know how your appointment goes in the morning!

Anonymous said...

I'm praying your appointment goes well and that you'll be given all the mental, emotional and physical strength you need in the days and weeks ahead! Hang in there momma!

Michelle said...

Think about you tomorrow during the appointment. Sounds like a crazy weekend. Rest while you can...everything else can wait.

laura said...

I am following your blog and am so happy Joy is doing well. We are praying for all of you. We love you all (especially Sean for being so wonderful)!

laura said...

That last comment was from LaLe in case you are going "Who is Laura?" I still remember Graham was 12 when he found out my real name! Also, it took me about 20 minutes to figure out how to sign on to google and leave a comment. Am I old or what?

Jenny Seymore said...

I am thinking of you today. How exciting that you are almost there!! I love those sugar free popsicles too, but I LOVE the orange ones! What is it with pregnancy and popsicles?