Thursday, April 9, 2009


What do you think about when you read that word? Does anybody else think of the song by The Cranberries? Or "You've Got Mail?"

Do you have weird dreams that you can remember? For as long as I can remember I have and can remember most of them. It's not unusual for my first words of the day to Sean or whoever I'm around to be, "You're not gonna believe what I dreamed about..." Sean has learned to direct his attention to me at that point because whether he likes it or not I'm going to tell him. God love him.

I can't watch anything scary because inevitably I'll dream about it later and in my dream I'm never on the winning side, conquering evil. I'm being eaten up by it.

So last night I had a dream that Sean and I were part of the Yearning for Zion ranch community.

Back story? I thought so.

Yesterday I watched the Oprah episode from a few weeks ago (don't you love the DVR) where she interviewed members of the group. Hearing the women talk about sharing the same husband must have stuck with me because in my dream Sean had gone that route and I had "had enough," and was on the verge of leaving. Apparently I was still in love with him, as the girls insisted they were in the interview--not Sean--their shared husband, (I realize it's hard to keep up,) and so in the dream I was supposed to be getting used to his new wife. We were all in the same house and for some reason our real children were not part of the dream??? It was just us and the new girl. And she was super nice to me in front of Sean but mean as could be as soon as he left the room. I remember crying in the shower one night because I knew he was happy with her and wanted him to be truly happy but felt like I couldn't stand living there any longer. Why was I still living there you ask? Because this was a dream. Things don't have to add up.

Like that time I was flying on a magic carpet in the snow and when I landed it turned into skis. Or there was the time I was being chased by a pom pom and it could bite. A pom pom with sharp teeth. It was a blue and white one, which were not my school colors. One time I dreamed that I tried out for American Idol and I couldn't sing. Oh wait that was real life. Not that I tried out but I really can't sing so that dream didn't seem so foreign.

Anyway the YFZ dream. Never thought I'd find myself in those circumstances even if only in a dream.

When I woke up my first thought was, "What the heck?" My next one was, "Thank God by the end Sean had figured it out and left the place with me." I'm being honest, this was the order. Then it was, "Lord show us Your glory and bring the light of Your Truth to people who need You." I don't know how many times I've thought about it since.

Some dreams are so weird I know there is no value to them at all and then others make you think. I never studied dreams though I had people ask me weekly what their dreams meant when I was working. "I don't know," was never an answer I was afraid to give. I also replied with, "That is weird," which you'd think a counselor would never ever say!

Dreams. They can be weird, funny, way "out there"...giddy up. Let's hear it. What have YOU dreamed about?


Emmy said...

It must be biological, because I have crazy dreams, too! They are always half realistic and half ODD. Which makes it hard to sort out in the morning. I can't even remember specifically, because the memories dissolve as soon as I get in the routine of my day. But the first minutes awake are always confusing: "Did that really happen?" "Was that something I need to act upon?" and then it's always a relief to realize IT WAS A DREAM!!

Miss Mommy said...

Since I;m your 3rd sister (and very honored and definitely amused by such a comment, Emmy), I guess it makes sense that I, too, have nutty dreams. Josh is ALWAYS the bad guy or at the very least not helping me. This irritates him to no end. And I always feel like he should apologize, dream or not.

Jenny Seymore said...

Oh that makes me laugh. Do you think it's strange to remember only the strange dreams and never the good ones? Or is it maybe that I only have strange dreams. One night last year I dreamed that this girl (doesn't really exist) was trying to woo Jon and steal him from Lucas & me. I remember when I first woke up and rolled over to see Jon that I was SO incredibly angry with him. I was mad for about 2 days...which is terrible because nothing of that sort has ever happened but my dream was just that real to me.

Carley said...

That's a funny dream. I don't have odd dreams that much but when I do, they are STRANGE! Like Emmy, half real and half odd. I'll never forget the one you dreamed about nursing a donkey with big teeth!

Michelle said...

That is funny! I always had CRAZY dreams when I was pregnant. They seemed to get even weirder with Kate. My team would always ask each morning what I had dreamed about. At this stage, I would love to have some dreams...That would mean I was getting sleep.