Thursday, April 30, 2009

Our week so far

Ty became a sheriff.
And then relaxed in Mexico. Just's really Double Dip in Frisco. Had y'all worried about the swine flu, didn't I?
Charlie played a little miniature golf.
Ty stole all of the golf balls so she didn't get to play too long. P.S. her pants are supposed to be capris. :)
But she got revenge by stealing his rocks.


We Three Smiths + 1 said...

Such Cute Pictures!!! And...I just read your sidebar that is all about Mary...let me just say that we have so much in common...Sonic Ice, Diet Dr. Pepper and Texas A&M are very near to my heart, too! LOL!

PS...thanks for not judging me...I am still treating that carpet, LOL!

Anonymous said...

Love this post... they get cuter every day! Oh, and the helmet is new... and therefore one of Trev's favorite things. He likes to wear it around the house. It's kind of nice actually... no worries about falls or bumps for a while!

Michelle said...

Looks like some fun family times!

Carley said...

Fun! I'm glad you guys are enjoying Sean being home so much this week! I love Charlie's hair pulled over to the side like that. It looks cute! I love how Ty loves to collect the balls. So fun! :)