Sunday, September 12, 2010


After last week's rain you'd think that Fall was here.

You'd think.

I think it's more humid right now than it got in all of July. Maybe that's an exaggeration but I'm having post-Summer meltdowns. The desire to wear jeans without sweating is growing. I actually wore them on Wednesday to take Charlie to school in the rain and then again on Friday to my first Bible study but other than the well air conditioned church it's not happening. What I'd give for a day cold enough for hot chocolate.


We had an open house today and it went well. 9 couples came and we got good feedback. I've resigned myself to the fact that we probably won't move for two more years though. And you know what? That's just fine. We love our friends here and Charlie and Ty both love school. I love my bible study and I also love my pantry. It's a great pantry. I know that's a weird thing to be connected to in a house but if you could see my pantry you'd understand. Whoever designed and built this house was A) a woman or B) wanted to woo a woman. It is awesome.


My ADD is getting worse, don't ya'll think? In actually important news Ana is close to having my new little niece Sally. We can't wait to hear the news. Nattie and Popeye, (my mom and dad if you're new here,) are already there and ready to take over as resident entertainer/slave, respectively, to Henry. He's a trip. I so wish my brother and his wife lived close enough so we could see them all the time. Once I get brave enough to try a road trip with the kids I'll go visit them. Or maybe I'll just go when Sean is home for a stretch and drive in a car by myself listening to the radio the whole way with no interruptions. One never knows which I'd do really. A woman full of mystery, that's me.

Good night. The Cowboys are playing and my husband keeps looking at me like, "You know you're missing it, right?" Yep. I know. Coming.


Julie said...

Girl, what's up. Why do you think it will be two years before you move?

Great to see you Friday :)

love, julie

Jenny Seymore said...

Where are you guys planning to move when the house sells? If you come "home" to Waxahachie you can jump right into Bible Study with us...we would LOVE to have you and you know ALL the ladies that participate since you went to school with all!! However, that's a big IF!!