Saturday, September 4, 2010

School, scrapes, and showings

Meet the teacher day as narrated by Charlie:

"Good morning Mommy! I ready to go to school Mommy I going to see my teachers!"

"Look Mommy the baby is gonna eat at the table!"

"Look Mommy it's a toaster! And pineapple and babies!"

"Mommy there are puzzles!"

"And babies! No I don't want to go home Mommy I want to stay at school! No Mommy I stay here!" (tears)

The End.

My back after the fall. I told you it was proof of my pain. I managed to scrape a few places this time.

Okay the showings: we had two appointments today for showing the house. Both between 10 and 12. We walked out of the (bright and shiny) house at 9:50 and went to the park. All of us. Including Max. We ate there and played our hearts out, excited that we managed to get two showings in. We drove past the front of the house at 11:55 and no one was there so we went in and started unloading the stuff from the car. I was putting a new diaper on Joy when I noticed something out of the corner of my eye. I looked up and there were people coming up the sidewalk to our front door.

Yep, it was the people coming to see the house. Of course.

We shuffled into the backyard. Literally with the kids crying. It was a sight.

They left and we put the girls to bed. We laughed about the timing of the people coming and how we're pretty sure us with all of our junk strewn everywhere sealed the deal that we will never move. But remember, we said, someone else had already seen it today. Maybe they liked it.

You would think.

As we laughed one more time and I made myself a new Diet Dr Pepper, the doorbell rang. Max barked. And the lock turned.

Welcome to the party potential buyer #2. Y'all I'm not making this up. In walks another couple with their 15 month-old in tow. We offered for them to come in (again) and this time left the girls sleeping. We gave permission to look into their room and took Max and Ty with us outside. This time we weren't laughing. We were looking for cameras. I thought we were being PUNK'D.

Turns out the second group going through was very understanding and stayed longer to look since we assured them it was fine, I mean it's not like WE LIVE HERE. I guess today's lesson is that God is in control of house selling/buying issues and we need to be thankful for that.

Clearly if we were in charge it would be wise to take the sign out of the front yard and make some future plans since we would be here forever.


Miss Mommy said...

I think showings with small kids is crazy hard!!!! I'm a realtor's daughter, so I've sold a million houses...okay, 4 since being married. ;)

Emily said...

Oh, Mary. The life of real estate!! Don't you just love the punctual realtors out there? Tip: (you may already know) go buy storage bins at target and when you are getting ready for a showing, run thru the house (make it a game for the kids) and throw all the junk in them...then throw them in your car!! After the showing, dump it all out again! Good luck. And just remember, it only takes 1 buyer:)