Friday, September 10, 2010


Hey y'all.

This one climbs things. More than I'd like her to. Chairs, tables, ladders. The ladder was a new one-Sean had a ladder out and when he went to the garage and came back she was four steps up on it. I was in the bathroom with Charlie when it happened because well...

I'm potty training her. I started yesterday. I decided to start yesterday like...yesterday. Just kinda went for it. So far it's going pretty well. A few accidents, a few tears (mine,) and lots of Skittles. She is a sucker for Skittles.

My bible study started today which means I am in my happy place.

Oh and Charlie loves school. I mean LOVES school. She is made for it. I worry more about Ty and Joy going to school than her for sure. She thinks it's a big party. With snacks and naps.

I'm so tired. You know, from all the training. It's a beast those first few days. Oh who am I kidding. It's a beast for a long time. Who decided on this week?

Oh yeah.

I did.

I'm going to bed. G' night y'all.


Carley said...

Cody's become a climber too! And the exact same thing happened when I had the ladder in our closet pulling out things to take to restyle. He only made it up 2 steps....but still. Glad Joy is a climber too so we can laugh about it together. Glad you are enjoying Bible Study and had a good morning. I'll think of you while I'm working on Fridays. :) I'll pray for the potty training. I'll get tips for you when it's my turn to train Cody. :) Charlie is so friendly and social its no wonder she loves school so much! Have a good Saturday!

Love Being A Nonny said...

Those kids keep you hopping don't they?! These are GOOD GOOD days though! Really, I promise. :)