Wednesday, September 29, 2010

What I Wore Wednesday

I have a new hobby on Wednesday mornings. One of my favorite blogs to read is written by
Lisa Leonard, the the woman behind the adorable jewelry you've probably seen. She teams up with the author of The Pleated Poppy on Wednesdays and they post pictures of what they wore during the week. It's not just for fun--it actually started as a challenge from one mom to others because she wanted to get out of her rut of wearing sweats each day. Clearly the woman who started it doesn't live in TX because we don't wear sweats until January, when it actually gets cold. You'll be jealous of what these ladies are already wearing, by the way...sweaters, boots, sigh...

Anyway. It's caught on like crazy-now when I click on Lisa's blog on Wednesdays to see what she wore, (she's adorable and has such cute clothes, most of which I can't afford but it's great to get ideas!) I can also see like 50 other women's entries. It's, in the words of Charlie, SUPER FUN. I've planned on doing my own WIWW (What I Wore Wednesday) post but have yet to start. But maybe, just maybe, I'll start today. Some people post a picture of what they wore every day of the week, others just a few days. The more honest the better.

I apologize in advance if you're suddenly preoccupied on Wednesdays and you stop being productive at home or work. I can honestly say I'm pretty distracted on Wednesdays now too. But I'm dressing cuter throughout the week, (last Thursday I put a dress on that I normally wouldn't wear just at home or doing usual errands and he asked me, "Where are you going? The prom?")


"No babe I just felt like wearing a dress. Don't you honestly think I look better like this than my (lately) usual t-shirt and shorts?"

"I like it when you wear a t-shirt and shorts."

"Well I feel more like a girl when I wear a dress or just something besides what I've been wearing."

"Well that sounds like you've got issues. I love the way you look no matter what you're wearing."

We've been married long enough where he gets that if he throws in "love the way you look..." into any sentence I am going to be happy. BUT once I explained why it makes me feel better about myself and my day he got it and said he'd stop making comments about the prom.


So pending any house/showing issues I'll have a WIWW post for you next Wednesday!

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Michele said...

I saw your comment on Lisa Leonard's blog. I'm from TX, too! It's SO hot here that the West coast ladies just can't relate. They always look so cute in their layers, but that just won't work here in TX until maybe November. Cute blog! (BTW, I'm an Aggie!)