Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Freedom and paint

After a few meltdowns on my part and a few conversations with our realtor we decided to take the house off the market for a month or so and re-list it during the 'busy' season. Once we signed the paperwork and all was said and done, I felt a huge bigger-than-I-would-have-guessed sigh of relief. I knew I was more stressed than normal and I was more anxious but had I realized to what extent I'd have probably made the decision a month ago. Whew. No pressure to keep the house show-ready. No fear that leaving the house might also mean staying gone for a few hours. Maybe it was just our luck but we got calls quite often asking permission to come look a mere 10 minutes later. Can you say, "Um no but if you have cash in your pocket then maybe we will consider it?" I'm thinking you can't say that. I totally would have more than once if I could have.

This is how my heart feels now. Bright, shiny, free. I made this yesterday after seeing it on Lisa Leonard's blog. It is so easy to make and free since I already had extra turquoise paint and glitter. I just picked a flat picture I didn't like anymore and painted over it.

This is how Joy experiences freedom. Big girl has started learning how to hold onto the stroller to walk with me. Against all odds she is actually doing it most of the time. Turns out my most active baby loves praise from me and will do a whole lot to get it. She's so proud!

This is how Ty and Charlie spent their day yesterday. They pushed each other around for hours in the shopping cart that Joy got for Christmas. Nice parenting, I know. I was actually painting while this was going on. I mean I'm quite the example of hands-on parenting.

I actually do pay attention to what my kids are doing. I even make them sit/stand still while I take pictures of what they probably shouldn't be doing. Sometimes I just have to laugh at the crazy and join in, what can I say?

Good night, y'all. Don't forget to scroll down and read about the cute bag giveaway going on over on my giveaway blog! You have until Saturday to enter.

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Anonymous said...

Aw Mary, I'm glad for the much needed break you guys get, but I can imagine how hard it is to patiently wait for things to unfold. I love, love that heart painting, and totally intended to do one after seeing it on Lisa's blog! Great job!