Thursday, January 6, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday

On Thursday. Ahem.

My new scarf that I just finished last night. It's my first infinity scarf and even though it makes me too hot I really like it.

The shirt was an Old Navy $3.99 find, just a cozy t shirt with little ruffles. Jeans are a funny story. Y'all remember when I found some great bargains at Old Navy a while back? One of the steals was a pair of jeans I bought to give Jennie, who is pregnant with a little girl! Did I tell y'all that? Anyway, I found a pair of maternity jeans for $.47 and gave them to Jennie but she didn't need them so I had every intention of giving them to someone else until...


I tried them on. The rest is history.

They are fantastic. And I'm not one bit embarrassed. I mean y'all they are COMFY.

Found these at Old Navy too. They had been returned that day and didn't have a tag so the gal gave them to me for $8.99. Sweet.


Carley said...

That's funny you are wearing those maternity pants you got Jennie. Fun! Cute cute scarf....are you taking could totally sell them and charge money! :)

Emmy said...

Yeah, good outfit. And basically free. I told Ethan about your maternity jeans and that those would change my life - no more muffin top. He said no. No maternity clothes in the house.

Unknown said...

maternity jeans ARE comfortable and i've worn them not pregnant, too. that band at the top sucks in my fat.