Sunday, January 16, 2011

The weekend

I feel like I'm way behind on updates but I can't remember much beyond yesterday so I guess that will do! Sean travelled last week for the first time in a while so we welcomed him back home this weekend with open arms. Which is pretty much how we usually welcome him.

Then I headed out for a bit to decompress, (go somewhere by myself, doesn't matter where or for how long, I'm sure you can relate.)

Then I fell in love.

I don't know that I've ever loved a totally useless object more than the little birdhouses I found. They're not even real functioning birdhouses. But I love them. I picked the one on the right for my birthday present--two months early--from mom and dad.

On Saturday i took Joy on her first date. We met Carley and Cody for an early lunch at Jason's Deli. The kids had a great time and only kissed once at the end of their date.

Since they both just started giving kisses we didn't think they'd give each other one if we asked but we were wrong. Any kisses with boys before age 2 are fine with me but after that I'm watching her like a hawk.


A www such a cute little gentleman!

I took this this morning before church. Charlie was being a toot and Joy was already in panic mode. Bless her heart doesn't like church yet. I'm hopeful that once we move she can start over with a clean slate and like it.

No news on the moving front. We are still trying to be patient. Sometimes we don't do a grew job of it. Sometimes we do and amaze ourselves that we're okay with how slowly things are moving! But sometimes we go crazy. Did I say that out loud?

Stay tuned for a fun giveaway this week!

And last but far from least I love my new blog design that Heather made for me! She is so talented isn't she? Thank you Heather!

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