Friday, January 14, 2011

Ten ways you can tell I have a kid that's potty-training

10. I have two different "cozy" seats in the front seat of my car.

9. I buy apple juice and Miralax in bulk.

8. I no longer schedule play dates around nap times but potty times.

7. I keep track of potty times.

6. I keep Christmas presents hidden to give as rewards.

5. We've saved approximately $43,000 dollars by not buying diapers.

4. And put every cent of that into laundry detergent.

3. I've called my parents and Sean's parents at least two times a day to share THE BIG NEWS and also called/texted my friends with each "accomplishment." And they have all cheered with me. That they have all cheered=they know my happiness totally depends on each "accomplishment."

2. I write "potty" as part of a blog post title.

1. I've googled "waterproof pad for bed" more than once in the last week.

Oh and one more: I've started viewing Joy as my easiest child since she wears diapers.


Carley said...

Ha! :) I still have the text you sent me that says "Charlie just pooped in the potty...she wanted me to tell you!". It makes me laugh every time I see it! You know you are in the best friend catagory when you get a text like that! ha!

Carley said...

By the way...your blog looks awesome! I love it! I have been exploring photoshop more and more and might need to get Heather's expert advice. :) love it!

The Vineyards said...

I LOVE IT! So funny!!!!!