Tuesday, January 11, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday

But first, proof that I'm not normal. See this kid?

My beloved firstborn? He got in trouble at school yesterday. I'm so proud! I couldn't be more excited. But why? Why would that EVER be good news?

He got in trouble for talking to his friends in the hall.

Just like that, his teachers had to jump into action and tell him to NOT talk even when he has "somethin' he need to tell Gabe."

When his teacher told me I nearly cried out of excitement. I mean, he has to obey his teacher and if she says ______ he needs to do it but you have to step back and see the progress. It's amazing, y'all. Amazing. A year ago he'd barely talk to us let alone another kid he was playing with. His school has helped him learn how to become a little social thing. Woohoo!

Okay so that was my proud mommy moment. Here is what I wore:

Um don't expect too much this week. In this one I'm wearing a hoodie that I got when Ty was 3 months old. I got it for my first Christmas as a new mom and the reason I got it is because I was nursing and got so flustered/hot/sweaty/frustrated that I had to wear things I could easily do away with in a moments notice. Really, if that's not something to base your life's glamor ambitions on I don't know what is.

Dress/tunic depending on how old you are-Nordstrom BP on sale for $12.99 the week after Christmas.

Jeans-Forever 21
Boots-Anthropologie and no, not getting one bit tired of them yet

Weird angle, I know. I realized this afternoon that today was Tuesday and I was like 4 outfits behind and I'm too lazy to go upstairs to take a picture in front of the (covered in handprints) mirror.

Sweater dress-Forever 21
Plaid shirt-Target last year
Jeans-Old Navy (maternity) ha
Boots-Old Navy

Okay y'all, someone else needs to join in the WIWW fun. Leave me a link in the comments if you have a WIWW post!


Carley said...

YAY TY!!! That is so exciting! :) I totally get it!

Missy said...

I would totally join in with the WIWW fun, except that I have one pair of jeans and one pair of corduroy pants that "fit". If I eat too much the previous day, I have to resort to rubberbanding the button.

I do plan to get back to the diet ... just hasn't kicked in yet for 2011.