Saturday, January 8, 2011

Things I love

Hot chocolate in a Valentines Day mug. Don't forget the cool whip. It's of extreme importance.

This face that she makes approximately 100 times a day.

This cutie patootie (resale place) find for Charlie. $4.99

When she wants to do what Daddy is doing, just because she likes being with him.

When someone tries to fill my shoes

When waiting for brother makes them this happy

When we have a zillion showings and no offers on the house.

Oh wait. I DON'T love that. At least I have a million things going on that I DO love.

Happy Day Y'all.


The Vineyards said...

You forgot the picture of me ;)

Carley said...

Cute! I went to Cutie Patootie this morning and sold $16 worth of stuff and bought $19 worth of clothes so I only paid $3 for a sack for of clothes. I love when I leave and feel like I have robbed the store. :) Sorry about the showings.... I feel like everytime I talk to you you have/had a showing! It will sell!!!

Emmy said...

Did you notice that Charlie's purple crocs are on backward? I enlarged that picture to look at the sisters, and then noticed the shoes. I also noticed that Charlie looks like a giant sitting next to Joy.