Friday, September 16, 2011

Breaking Free

This morning we started our Fall Bible study at church. We are working through the study Breaking Free, one of Beth Moore's studies. I'm excited about what will come from this semester mainly because I have no idea which direction God will work in as far as what I'm bound to that I shouldn't be. Things like anxiety, fear, piddling, (what Sean and I call doing nothing,) you name it I'm probably doing it. I am a fallen, fearful mess most days. I like to find the positive though, so I have a good time most days too. There's something about watching your kids wearing only their underwear running laps in the backyard on an early Fall day that just make you happy. Our neighbors? Maybe not quite as happy.

Now for a little secret? I don't actually know any of our neighbors. I know a sweet woman down a few houses and that's it. She came over to greet us when we first moved into our house and she's been a constant encouragement ever since. A few years ago I knocked on the door to my next door neighbors' house and asked for help getting my car started. The man was very nice and helpful and did, in fact, get my car started. I haven't had a conversation with him since.

I'm sure it's starting to make sense why we might be in the market to move to a smaller town. I'm looking forward to knowing people who live by us. Maybe even hanging out with people who live by us. Borrowing sugar or Diet Dr Pepper or what have you. As I'm writing this I'm starting to wonder if we scare our neighbors and that's why we don't know them? Hm something to think about...what with all the naked running around in the backyard. Well, the kids are doing that, not us. Just being clear.

Moving on...

(you're welcome,)

I really want to learn to be efficient with Pinterest. I'm not good at it, y'all. I totally like the idea of it I just can't remember how to take what I see to my own board or pins or whatever. Help me? Okay great.

It's raining right now. This reminds me of last weekend when I was at a birthday party and I looked across the yard and saw my son buck naked from the waist down just standing there. Um. I looked up to see my Mom, mortified at the same scene, telling me Ty's explanation under her breath, hoping I could talk some sense into him. I asked him why he took his pants off. "Well, I don't want them on anymore. They aren't good anymore." (He was wearing his swimsuit before the naked-ness.) "Why aren't they good?" "Well because they're just not. I want to take them off." "Well, no you put them back on. Right now." He eventually did, but it took some serious threats about the taking away of the baseball goodies.

My next point-Ty is loving baseball right now, more than life itself. He is a chip off the old block, that one. I spent my childhood watching my brother's games and love baseball very much. When I think of my adolescent years when I developed new crushes multiple times a day, I can remember that almost every boy I liked played baseball with my brother. It made sense, I guess, since that's the only people I was ever around. I didn't marry a baseball player. God has a sense of humor.

For a post about nothing I sure did write a lot. Sorry y'all. The rain is throwing me off. I'm gonna go watch it. Night Night.

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Emmy said...

I just read the first few sentences, and "Breaking Free" caught my attention. I worked through this Beth Moore study more than 10 years ago, by myself, in the middle of a big depression. It was the winter of '01, when a lot of big things were going on in our family. I remember that my
Breaking Free workbook and my Bible were the only things I held hope in and enjoyed. Just thinking about Breaking Free brings tears to my eyes, because of how sad and desperate that time was.