Sunday, September 16, 2012


Master Ty turned 6 on Friday and he (finally) enjoyed himself at a birthday party! Since his first party all I've had are bewildered looks from him in pictures. This year was like a different kid. I'm so thankful that he enjoyed his cousins and buddies at his party.

His favorites at 6 years old: drums, drummers, drum sticks, drumming games, videos, toys. He also likes drums.

And he told me late on the night before his birthday that he really wants to be in the church choir when he turns 6. Since he comes from two non-choir/singers, this is a bit of a shock. I looked up the Brooklyn Tabernacle choir for him on YouTube. Since then he's watched the choir 19,567 times.

I'm more proud of Ty every day. He's the little man in our lives, the lone type-A in the house. We love him so!

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Misha said...

Amazingly talented singers can come from no-musically-talented parents. Maxfield is living proof! I think musical talent must skip at least one generation, because he certainly didn't get his talents from us! There isn't anything more fun than church choir at FBC. He will love it!