Friday, September 28, 2012

Flashback Friday

They've grown and learned. They've changed. So have I. Looking back through pictures and blog posts I can see the progress. We went from, "How will life go on?" to, "One day at a time," and now we are settling into, "We are here, we are hopeful, and this life can be joyful so let's live it."

Slowly moving from death to life, day by day. Even more slowly saying goodbye and freeing our hearts from the pain and despair. Even still more slowly accepting what happened and forgiving him. Trusting and hoping--no BELIEVING-- that God is redeeming this season for good.

Sean's sister Amy is very sick and we aren't sure what is causing her pain. She has been in the hospital since Monday and has not gotten any better. Doctors think it may be a virus that has wrecked her body so they are treating her and we hope that she starts to improve today. Will you pray for her with me? This family has seen healing this year but all are worried and weary. Thanks y'all.

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Anonymous said...

We'll be praying Mary! Grateful for your tender heart, for the joy in the midst of pain, and the hope we have in His promises. You're amazing friend.