Friday, September 21, 2012

Flashback Friday

Since Ty was about 2 he has gone to the Home Depot kid workshop the first Saturday of every month. Usually just the two boys went but sometimes I wanted to go too I mean the girls wanted to go too.

This was one of those times. Even if I hadn't taken this picture I had the presence of mind to save this scene in my memory. Home Depot was Sean's happy place. Sometimes he'd go all the way there to buy stuff I know good and well he could've gotten at Target. When things were looking rough at Delta we talked about him getting a job at Home Depot, which I think he would have liked. He loved actually flying but hated everything else about his job, but the main thing he hated was being gone for four days a week.

Now I can see how that work schedule prepared me to be a single mom. I was used to doing it on my own a few days at a time. Four days of cereal or sandwiches for dinner, four days of wishing I had someone to talk to after bad dreams, four days of solitude...minus the circus of course.

The solitude isn't a bad thing, not always. I love being by myself sometimes. I've always liked going to movies by myself and walking around new places by myself. This phase is not as scary as I thought it'd be.

Thankfully Ty has gotten to go to the workshop since we moved back here, and the great part about a small town is that it's not very crowded. Dad has taken him, (because Ty says when you go to Home Depot it's "man stuff.")

Wonder who taught him that?



Carley said...

I love this picture and it brought me back to you guys living here and all the kids at that age! I love that Sean started that tradition and your dad carries it on. Jason still takes Cody every monty (minus the summer when he is traveling) and thinks of Sean every time.

I think of Sean when I hear someone say "man stuff".

Sweet flashback post!

Emmy said...

This makes me miss Sean. :-(
Sorry, I know that doesn't help you in the present.