Tuesday, September 4, 2012


It is well even when it's not always going well. Lately it's been up and down. School is wonderful and tiring and gratifying for Ty but its also stressful...which brings up fears and insecurities. He's back to the place I thought we left forever: the place where, any minute, momma might leave. God help me. Really, God help me.

Other than this, things are great. School, drums, ballet, choir, it's all starting and we are having fun. By the way, I'm an assistant preschool choir person as of tomorrow night. Yikes. As much as I get the Miranda Lambert similarities I can't sing. I mean what if I have to help them by actually singing during a concert?

The girls started preschool today and they settled right in. Charlie is with her buddies from last year and y'all, they hired an extra teacher for their class. They needed an extra teacher for that group what does that tell you.

I'm ready to decorate for Fall. Too early?

Has anybody noticed that my ADD has gotten worse?

I'm off to my first, (of this year,) tap class. Mom is in my class. Glory.


Michelle said...

An adult tap class...That sounds SO SUPER FUN! Keeping you in my prayers!

Mary said...

Michelle it was so fun! Too far for you to drive? :) thank you for praying!

Bonnie said...

Oh my gosh! You're doing tap again?!? Ms. "Vicki" (Peggy) would be so proud! I wish I could dust off my tap shoes and be in that class with you!

Mary said...

Ms Vicki would be proud!! We are moving lots slower than the class we took Bon. I was pretty good that first night thanks to our class with Vicki! Ha