Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The trouble with barking

When it comes from your 3 year-old instead of a dog or a seal.

Croup, welcome to the party. It was only a matter of time. Please only hit one at a time and if you're feeling gracious, just move on. My girl needs to feel better. Momma needs sleep.

I went to the dentist today for the first time in...uh...that's the problem...and I have 3 cavities. Dang bubble gum.

I still drive an hour to go to the dentist. And the pediatrician. I go there tomorrow.

I know, I know. I have breakup issues. But I love them. There is history there and if you haven't noticed, I love the comfort of history.

Ty thinks that being 6 means he can do his own thing. I've told him that if he can feed, dress, drive, and discipline himself that yes, he can in fact move his drums into his room so he can play them to help him fall asleep. Until then they stay put, tucked into another room.

I've decorated for Fall and Halloween. No comments. If I have a bad day I might decorate for Christmas.

I did the exact opposite of what you're supposed to do and abruptly stopped taking my anxiety pill about two months ago. I told my inner circle to tell me if they thought I needed it again and this weekend--in a matter of 2 days--it was clear that it wasn't time to get off of it yet. We have had a couple of challenging weeks around here. Spiritually we are in a battle, (we always are,) but this one is specific to my anxieties. This weekend I hit my wall. Fear came in. I felt small. Loneliness overwhelmed me.

The magical thing about admitting that you feel lonely is that while admitting it the feeling shrinks. After all, once you confide in someone about it, you feel understood. Less lonely. So I bounced back. Actually, I got back into my place.

God stepped in, back to where He belongs: the One telling me which step to take next. Not thinking too far in advance, just for today. And today, we are gonna be alright.


Allison said...

Mary, you are the bomb. I love you, I love your posts, I love your heart and how beautifuL you and your children are. I wish you lived in Austin because I'd be all up in your business everyday. I remember you and lift you up even if you can't feel it.

Mary said...

You are my biggest cheerleader cuz. Thank you. I love you too. I'm gonna come to Austin this Fall sometime. We will play!