Thursday, August 27, 2009

First Day Report Card

Joy wanted to say Hi.

Thanks for the suggestions for what to send with him to school! Going to try every one of them in coming weeks! Today I sent mac-n-cheese in a cooler thing and he didn't eat much at all.

Ty's report card for the first day--NOT FROM HIS TEACHER BUT MY INTERPRETATION OF HER NOTES--just to be clear if his teacher ends up reading this.

Arrival: (A)
Saying bye to Mommy and maintaining composure: (C)
Eating lunch: (C/D)
Staying in line with other kids: (F)
Nap time: (B)
Departure: (A)
Mommy showing up on time for departure with little sisters in tow, plus Nattie to help on the first day so mommy would show up for departure: (A)

We survived. It wasn't pretty but it's over. First day down, lots more to go. Lord help us.
There was lots of sweating, lots of crying, and lots of notes taken to help next time go smoothly. (or at least MORE smoothly.) And I have a confession.

I didn't know what a nap mat was until a week ago when I bought Ty one at Walmart.

Y'all, there is like a whole nap mat market out there that I didn't know was there. One filled with cute, pillow-ish, adorable little mats that you can pay for. Out of the hundreds (no exaggeration,) of kids that went to his school today, I saw one other one like his.


One other little boy whose mother didn't know there was a nap mat market out there for the purchasing. So being the cheapskate that I am, and feeling mostly like paying a lot for such a thing that I'm 100% sure he'll never actually sleep on would be wasteful, I consulted my mom to make him one. While she was here (praise God) we went to IKEA where I'd seen Alphabet sheets and found a sheet set with big bold numbers on it for...wait for it...$4.99 on clearance. They're in the washer right now getting ready to become his nap mat.

I know I fell into peer pressure and want him to have something nicer than the blue/green number I sent with him today, (which I can honestly say I remember having one just like it when I went to preschool now that I think about it!) I realize it doesn't matter a hill of beans what his nap mat looks like. But I am thinking maybe just maybe this will help him lay down on it a little longer???? The boy sure does love numbers. I'll post pictures of before and after of the nap mat makeover. I know y'all can hardly wait. I'm kinda excited about showing it off if what we have in mind actually works!

Pricey cute nap mat market, eat your heart out.


Michelle said...

You are too funny! Glad you made it through the first day. Can't wait to see the new nap mat. I went through this same battle with lunch boxes...

Carley said...

Glad it's over. Sorry we played phone tag. I'm excited to see what your mom does for the nap mat. I laughed out loud reading your text about all the other cute mats. Too funny! :)

Emmy said...

Yay Ty! Well, at least he did not get expelled the first day!

We Three Smiths + 1 said...

We had our Meet the Teacher last night and Tuesday is R's first day. Last year he was able to go just one day a week, but this year he has to go 2 days because of his age.

He cried his eyes out last night because he thought we were going to leave him. He was better when 2 little girls who were in his Thursday Class last year got there and by the end he didn't want to leave.

I know Tuesday is going to be makes me feel so guilty even though I know it is good for him to get out and have interaction with other kids. I am already so worried...some of the things they told us they expect them to do this year, I know he can't do. Matt told me I'm worrying about things I don't need to worry about.

I fell into the Nap-Mat trap. I found one at Canton that matched his backpack and had his name monogrammed on it. Yes, I spent waaay to much ($35.00), but it does have a nice pillow and fleece blanket. Your's sounds so cute, though!!!

Anonymous said...

Mary, you are so funny! I love the way you write. I feel bad for not giving you a clearer picture of the nap-mat world going into your first day. But, it sounds like you've got a cute one in the works! And Joy is adorable- I could eat her up!