Monday, August 24, 2009


Yesterday we went to the Dallas Museum of Art with Emmy. The word museum will never sound the same to me after hearing Ty say, "Goin to Useum" all day. When we first walked in Emmy showed the lady her membership card and I kid you not this is what the woman said: "Welcome! You should take him up to the second floor and teach him the difference between a portrait, a landscape, and a still life."


If only his own mother knew the difference between those.

Here are pictures from our fun afternoon

This was his favorite room--the "children 4 and under relaxation" room. Of all the things to see at the Useum these blocks were his favorite. I'm just glad I signed him up for preschool instead of a Useum Mommy and Me course.
They have really neat exhibits for kids. This is a texture table with crayons attached to teach the kids about shadowing and they encourage touching, comparing, etc.
The fountains outside were the close runner-up to the blocks. Not exhibits really but they resemble a car wash, his current favorite thing.
None of us had any idea why this is considered art but whatever.
Aunt Emmy provided lots of instruction and explanation--she does know the difference between the different paintings.
Right after I snapped this picture the kind lady told me I couldn't take pictures with a flash. This was his favorite painting.
I actually have memories of this from all the field trips we took as kids to this useum.

Sorry about the order of the pictures...He did like coloring at the texture table.
and now some big news: righthisminute we are getting ready to go meet Ty's teacher for school this year. Jennie is keeping Charlie so we can actually talk to the teacher and hear any instructions she has for us. Thanks Jennie! I'm sure there will be news to share after seeing his little classroom, meeting his teacher, and just his overall first impression of school. I hope he'll be THIS excited about school after today!


Anonymous said...

"Useum" day looks super cool. We're definitely going to have to check that one out! I'm so excited for Ty and school! We had Trevor all registered to go... but "punted" and decided to keep him home another year. I'm really glad we did at this point...we'll see what I say in a few months.

And yes...Wednesday. Did we pick a time? Is 3:00 okay?

Rachel and Ian Kirkland said...

so fun! i can't wait till elijah gets old enough to take him to museums and the like!

Carley said...

So fun! I hope this morning went well...I've been thinking about you all. I know Ty will love it!!

Miss Mommy said...

I love this last picture!!

Michelle said...

What a cute little picture! Hope tonight was great!

Emmy said...

Oh, what fun we had! Well, the useum was a little boring, but I think Ty really did enjoy it. If only the useum didn't have elevators. Only nescalators.

Mary said...