Sunday, August 30, 2009

Guess where we're going

We're gonna sleep here and make a wish. It's just like home minus the little buddha.
We're gonna sit in here. Yes this is what my living room looks like. Minus the cool lighting. And the cool looking room.
Yep it'll be just like home minus the pool, the view, and the relaxation. Maw and Paw Kettle are going into the big city for a little vacation. Not right now, in the future. The somewhat near future. We wanted to go somewhere away from our kids I mean on vacation but it's a tough gig for someone to take over so we're staying close to home just in case the grandparents need us. You just never know what stunts the kids might pull. Just today I've had to pull out our lifetime supply of Band Aids. Technically it was me who needed them but had I not had all three kids in the bathroom while I was shaving I might not have cut my ankle. Anyway. Doesn't this place look like fun?


Julie said...

M - this place is so it the "W"?

Can I tag along in your suitcase :)

julie amc

Mary said...

way to go Jules!!

Anonymous said...

I was just thinking... how much of a stalker would I be if I asked to join you? LOL. Looks awesome! Great idea!

Carley said...

You'll love it! We loved staying there last summer. The pool is AWESOME and there are cool chairs to sit in. :) I'm glad you decided to go there!! You'll have fun!

Priscilla said...

I love the pictures...dream, then enjoy! Also love the pic of Joy saying "HI" from the high chair, the nap mat process (your mom--priceless!).