Monday, August 24, 2009

So I kinda fell apart

Ty's school was perfect. He has three teachers, all of them adorable and sweet. Since Jennie kept Charlie we walked into the church (not our church,) and looked for his class. It didn't take long to figure out that we would have to go upstairs. Now, with Ty and Joy-who happily stayed in the Baby Bjorn carrier-taking the stairs to avoid the elevator wasn't a big deal. Not having Charlie with us meant we could skip a stroller. When it's just me taking him, in a mere few days, I'll put Joy and Charlie in the double stroller and have Ty hold onto it. Yes friends we're facing two scary obstacles: the elevator and a milestone.

Now, I've never been very emotional about school. Mom says I never wanted to leave school/church because I was 1)the third kid and 2)happy as long as I was playing with toys and fed. I didn't anticipate feeling a tug at my heart when I signed him up for preschool.

But I watched him in his little class, watched him cling to Sean, and imagined what will happen on his first real day. I felt that first twinge of, "I feel helpless...I won't see him, help him, feed him, etc and before I know it he will be in real school. Before I know it he will run into the room and never look back."

And there in that little room in that very big church, I was reminded how fast we came to this day. Some days it seems like our kids will never grow up. The day-in, day-out caretaking takes a toll. We wish they were more independent. But today I decided it was okay to freeze time and enjoy it. I decided I'm gonna work on enjoying sending him off and making the most of the time with only the girls and then be first in line to pick him up. And I'm gonna try to get some good practice under my belt for when they are in real school and I find myself totally clueless about what to do with my time.

So there you have it: what I envisioned as a necessary but not important day turned out to be an important one after all.


Emmy said...

Just think, that the more he enjoys school, the more he'll be excited to get home again each day. Like when you take a fun vacation but secretly are so happy to get back home again.

Miss Mommy said...

Two peas in a and me. Anyway, you read my blog, I am sure, but I want to be clear that if it could be a couple mornings a week in a church, I'd be all for it. Throw in a 3rd kid, and I'd probably sell her. Ha ha...I think.

Also, wise words, Emmy. I agree and love that perspective!

Carley said...

He'll do great! The first morning will probably be hard but hopefully it gets easier and easier! You're a wonderful mommy!!

Rachel and Ian Kirkland said...

i so realate! elijah starts MDO next week and i'm just not sure how i feel about it. i know it will be good for him, but he just seems so tiny to be going to "school" as they call it! :)

We Three Smiths + 1 said...

When I dropped Ryder off for Mother's Day Out the first time last September, I cried. The lady looked at me like I was "Nutty Buckets"! Most people can't wait to usher them in and then be free for the next five hours...I was like you. I felt would they know everything he needed! Turned out being a great year though and he loved his teacher so much he even stayed with her some this summer. Ty will do AWESOME!!!