Monday, August 17, 2009


Virus conquered. At least for now. Joy and I seemed to escape its wrath. Hallelujah.

Hmmm well let's see. An update. Because you're all pins and needles.

Baby Joy news first: I called the surgeon's office to schedule her CT scan and haven't gotten a call back yet...I called last Wednesday. Guess they forgot. I'm adding "call them back," to my to-do list tomorrow now. Okay done. If you remember back to May 4th, the day we found out that her tumor was gone, (that seems like four years ago easy) we talked to the surgeon's nurse and she said that if all went well when she was born he would do a CT scan of her lung when she was 3 months old. She's now over three months old and while some may think we're bad parents for a plethora (does anyone know how to spell that? did I spell it right?) of other reasons, we don't like to miss appointments like this one. When I did what I was told--which was call when she's two months old--he said to push it another month to give her lungs that much longer to mature so here we are. Trying to make the appointment. In other news, she is sleeping roughly 10 hours at night, but we dream feed her pretty late at night and she usually wakes up once and fusses a little but doesn't eat. If you count all that then she's sleeping great! Taking 3 or 4 naps depending on the day but she always takes a good morning nap. In my book Healthy Sleep Habits Happy Child, which, to be clear, is not my book but the one I use, ha ha, it says they will develop a consistent morning nap between 3 and 4 months but it will take a while longer to develop a good afternoon one. The guy who wrote that book is a genius. The way I see it she's getting in a great morning routine about one week before the Fall events start and we're never home in the mornings. What am I thinking?

Then there's the update on the other kids.

Ty is getting ready to start school (MDO) for the first time and I know he'll love it. Once we get past the mommy dropping him off in a strange place with strangers (not at our church,) thing, the whole "healthy snack" thing, the napping on a nap mat thing, the "we can't microwave your child's lunch" thing, and the "Ty's not in charge of how long we stay outside" thing, I think he'll be fine. And I do know he'll love it then, once those things are all out of the way.

Charlie is still loving being a big sister to bay, the artist formerly known as Joy. She is also talking a ton out of the blue. She says all kinds of new words. Her favorites are: hep (help,) nu (no,) dux (duck,) daddy, ty, dax (max,) emmy, popeye, eat, and mo (more.) There are about 400 other words she says that we aren't sure about yet but she also sings the alphabet song and hits every other letter--she's a genius I tell you--and she can count to ten. Kind of.

If you care for an update on Max (are there any Max fans there?) he is thriving as usual. Lucky me.


Michelle said...

You are so funny! I must say the author of that book is so right. Kate has really done well on her morning nap, but seriously JUST figured out her afternoon nap last week. That would be five months old.

Emmy said...

Charlie: you forgot "EEEEEEDDD," which means, "I am shoving a book in your lap and banging it around your lap a lot, so please READ (eeeeeddd) it so me."

Carley said...

You type like you talk...I love it! :) I hope you had a fun shopping day yesterday. :)