Monday, August 3, 2009

Today was so boring

Make no mistake-Boring is good these days. Joy is sleeping a ton right now, (I realize this could change,) and when she IS awake she is pleasant and fitting right in. We were home most of the day and then I took Ty to the rec center to swim this afternoon. One of the great joys of my life is taking Ty swimming, mainly because it's time with just him. I'm in no shape to take them all swimming. Charlie doesn't like the pool yet and Joy couldn't care less so I take him when Sean is home. This year we had to get Ty his own ID card. The day I got it he was a little afraid of the camera. Apparently it looked like a machine gun judging by the look on his face. See.

And that was after three attempts. Bless his heart. He's afraid of elevators too and it's making trips to the mall pretty risky. I've heard this is a pretty common fear so maybe one of you has a suggestion for helping him get over it? I'm all ears.


Emmy said...

Maybe you need to start throwing Smarties on the elevator floor and jumping in before the door closes.

Carley said...

I just laughed out loud at Emmy's comment. If only she were kidding. Ha! Smarties rock! His card looks even scarier on the blog then in person. So funny! Glad you had a fun (and boring)day. My day was really boring too. Glad Joy's sleeping well. That makes life much better!

Michelle said...

Great idea Emmy! I can't give you any suggestions on elevators. We have the opposite problem. Brody doesn't ever want to get off of them. Elevators are sometimes our bribe to get him places. Maybe five or six flights of stairs would do the trick!

Woo Hoo for boring days!

Do you think Joy could come over and talk to Kate about sleep?

Mary said...

smarties, suckers, and "medicine" are his favorite things right now. he used to fight so hard to avoid medicine (medicine) and now he loves it.

if joy keeps sleeping i'll be surprised...but michelle, yes we should get together before school starts! i'll send you my # on fb.