Saturday, November 7, 2009

All in the family

A trip to the dollar store will bring you and your children much happiness. Much cheap happiness.

Package of colored whiffle(sp) balls $1.00
Little girls aqua headband: $1.00

Seeing the look on your husbands' face when your son asks for his turn with the headband: priceless.


Katie said...

This is great, Mary. Love the Dollar Store. ; )

Thank you for your sweet prayers. They mean so much.

Carley said...

Love your kids! This is hilarious!

Sarah Sharp said...

lol I was not expecting to scroll down and see Ty with the headband! That is so funny! My mom has told me many times that when she is old and has Alzheimers I should take her to Dollar Tree and give her $10 and let her shop her heart out.

Miss Mommy said...

Can't believe they're in short sleeves. Oh, Texas, here we come!