Sunday, November 22, 2009

Joy the peanut

Our first Thanksgiving celebration is today and I'm supposed to be packing the bag to take to Nattie and Popeye's and you know how that goes.

I put Ty's extra clothes in, get myself dressed, put Charlie's clothes in, go to grab diapers for her and get sidetracked folding laundry. Get Joy's clothes and then remember I never put Charlie's diapers in the bag so I go to retrieve those again and Max throws up on the floor. Clean up after Max, (loving him as usual,) Joy wakes up from her nap. Get Joy a bottle and then realize I haven't put her clothes in the bag yet. And it goes on and on...

It's all a mystery isn't it? How I always forget something we need when we're away from home. A mystery.

Joy's 6 month checkup was Friday and she checked out just fine. I'll take another moment to tell you how much I love our Dr. And I'll tell you again if you don't love your pediatrician call me and I'll give you her number. She's worth the drive. I know that's like the 14th time I've mentioned her but I'm a little bit obsessed with how much we like her.


Joy is smaller/lighter than Ty and Charlie were at this age. They are both big because of gestational diabetes, which I had with Joy it's been kind of a mystery, (this time an actual one unlike how I forget things,) and I learned that it might be because the thing they removed caused her heart to work harder than it should have been working. Now I didn't confirm with the Dr. but I'm thinking that's why she is smaller. It is like her heart was working so hard all the time that she was getting a little workout. No wonder she doesn't have her sisters' thunder thighs-which are getting smaller, by the way. It's freaking me out that Charlie looks like a little girl now instead of a baby. Back to Joy, she weighs 17 pounds--I know I said she's smaller than they were and I'm right--Ty weighed 23 pounds at 6 months and Charlie weighed 24--both of them were out of the infant car seat by now because they exceeded the weight limit. Right now I'm thankful we haven't had to buy another one! Joy is tall like the other two, above the 97th percentile, but she's in the 70th percentile in weight. She's a peanut! To us, being able to carry her around on your hip without your arm aching is a nice surprise. She's kind of like a monkey holding on with her legs, too. Except her sister is the real monkey you know that.

Speaking of monkey again, we're celebrating her birthday today as well as on Thursday with Sean's family. Do you think she'll mind having two parties? Ha! I'm going to make some cute monkey cupcakes that I found on a blog many months ago...I just have to find it again before I can make them. Wish me luck.


Carley said...

Cute! Love the matchy outfits. I love how Charlie doesn't mind Joy in her fact it probably makes her feel good that she's so close. CUTE! Have fun celebrating today. Love petite little Joy! Cody weighs 16 pounds so they are close! Enjoy your day in Waxa! Oh, and tell your mom thanks again for finding me that tub seat! She rocks!

Sarah Sharp said...

Will was a big baby, too. I think he was 22 lb at 6 months. He is 33lb now at 19 months and chunky.

I thought I would have bag packing down to an art by now. Brad gets so stressed if he has to get a diaper bag ready to go. We all went to church today and I was SO proud of myself because I set Reed's clothes out and packed his bag last night and then I set Will's clothes out and packed his bag while breakfast was cooking. We left on time and Will wasn't the last one to his class. Then I saw his bag and it was very wet on the bottom. Great. Sippy cup leaking. Then while we were in the service I realized that I hadn't put a valve in his cup! Of course I was doing 5 things at once while I filled up his cup for church. One day, not sure when, but one day, we will make it to church on time with everything the kids need and not have any injuries or grass stained pants before we get there. And all the sippy cups will have valves.

Katie said...

Cute matching outfits. I love that.

Hope you had a wonderful first Thanksgiving celebration!

We Three Smiths + 1 said...

Love the picture!! Happy Birthday to Charlie!!! You and I are scary just described my typical routine when trying to get somewhere...and I always forget something, too... but it wouldn't be me any other way!